Primary & Secondary Section

  1. Mrs. Kawaljeet Kaur – M.A. B.Ed.
  2. Mrs. Sonali Deb – M.SC B.Ed.
  3. Mr.. Nilesh Ghosalkar – M.A. M. P.ED.
  4. Mrs. Varsha Kenjale – M. Ed. B. Ed.
  5. Mrs. Deepa Rughe – M.Ed. B.Ed.
  6. Ms. Bharati Sharma – M.A. B.Ed.
  7. Mrs. Samartha Bhalekar – B. SC. MCA.
  8. Mr. Nagendra Maurya – M.A. B.Ed.
  9. Ms.Preeti Upadhyay – M. Sc. B. Ed.
  10. Mr.Anil Jadhav – M.Sc. B. Ed.
  11. Mrs.Janhvi Mishrani – M.A. B.Ed.
  12. Ms. Sheetal Yadav – M.Ed. B.EL..ED.
  13. Mrs. Aarti Nawale – M.A. B.Ed.
  14. Mr. Yoginath Bagul – M.A. B.Ed.
  15. Mrs. Aarohii Rane – B. SC. B.Ed.
  16. Ms. Shikha Rai – M.A. B.Ed.
  17. Mr. Harpreet Singh Saini – M.Com. B. Ed.
  18. Mrs. Vedika Bharadwaj – B. SC. M. Sc. ( I.T.)
  19. Ms.Swapna Sansare – B. SC. – –
  20. Mr. Rajesh R. – M.A. B. Ed.
  21. Ms. Monika Pandey – M.Sc. B. Ed.
  22. Mr. Vaibhav Risbud – M. A. Music( Tabla)
  23. Mrs. Garima Singh – M.Sc. B. Ed.
  24. Mrs. Alafiya Manasawala – M.A. B. Ed.
  25. Ms. Gayathri Ganesh – M.Sc. B. Ed.
  26. Mrs. Dhanashree More – M.A. B. Ed.
  27. Ms. Archana Khushwaha – M.Sc. B. Ed.
  28. Ms. Priyanka Surve – M. Com. (Dance ) —
  29. Mrs. Neelima Rai – M.A. B. ED.
  30. Mrs. Shubhangi Sawarkar – B. SC. B.Ed.
  31. Mrs. Sarika Randive – B.Com B. Ed.
  32. Mrs. Ranjana Ojha – B. A. B. Ed.
  33. Mrs. Mandeep Kaur – H.S.C. B. Ed.
  34. Mr. Siddhesh Bagwe – H. S.C. A.T.D ( G.D. Art)
  35. Ms. Sadaf Khan – B. SC. B. Ed.
  36. Mrs. Nita Nagalkar – M.A. B. Ed.
  37. Mrs. Rashmi Chandanshive – B.A. B. Lib.
  38. Mrs. Veena Sakhare – B. A. B. ED.
  39. Ms.Priya Sharma – H. S.C. D. Ed.
  40. Ms.Trupti Patil – B. Com. A.T.D.
  41. Ms.Priti Kine – B.E. D. C. T.
  42. Ms.Vaibhavi Patil – M. Sc. B. Ed.
  43. Ms.Pallavi Vankar – M. Sc. B. Ed.
  44. Ms.Annu Jha – B. A. B.Ed.
  45. Ms.Shubhangi Pawar – B.Com B.Ed.
  46. Ms.Vaishali Mehta – B.sc. B.Ed.
  47. Ms.Ashwini Borse – M. Sc. (Com.) —
  48. Mr. Abhay Deshpande – S. Y. B. A. Sangeet Visharat
  49. Ms. Chhaya Bendale – B.sc. M.P.Ed.
  50. Mrs Reena Kaja – B.A. B.Ed.
  51. Mr. Nikhil Panchal – B. Com Hard ware networking
  52. Ms. Shweta Manwal – M. Tech —
  53. Ms.Sayali Bobhate – B.M.S. —
  54. Mrs. Sonali Nagmote – B. A. M. Lib.
  55. Ms. Meera Pandey – B. SC. B. Ed.
  56. Mr. Prasad Niwate – H. S.C. A.T.D
  57. Mrs. Hardeep Kaur Saini – M.Com. B.Ed.
  58. Mrs. Archana Bagde – M.B. A —
  59. Ms. Dipali Jadhav – M.A. B. Ed.
  60. MS. Sampada Mishra – M. A. E. C.C. Ed.
  61. Ms. Poonam Tiwari – M. Sc. B. Ed.
  62. Mrs. Jyotsna Pawar – B. A. B. Ed.
  63. Mrs. Ramneet Kaur Bhurji – B. A. B. Ed.
  64. Mrs. Vaishali Marathe – H. S.C. D. Ed.
  65. Ms. Sarika Saxena – B. Sc. D. Ed. ( P)
  66. Ms. Sonika Bhatia – B.Com B. Ed. (P )
  67. Ms. Parul Chaphekar – B. SC. ( I. T. ) E. C.C. Ed.
  68. Mrs. Shalaka Nanavare – M. A. B. P. Ed.
  69. Ms. Kavita Singh – M. A. B. Ed.
  70. Mrs. Asha Khati – M. Com. B. Ed.
  71. Pramod Yadav – M.A. B. Ed.
  72. Mr. Yogendra Patil – S. Y. B. A. Music Diploma
  73. Mrs. Unnati Jha – M. A. ( Eng.) B. Ed.

Non-Teaching Staff

Non-Teaching Staff
Non-Teaching Staff

Parent – Teacher Interaction

Parents Teacher Executive body was formed as per the guidelines of Department of Education. Several numbers of meetings were held in order to have a fair selection and to explain the objectives to the desired members. The final body meeting was conducted where the 10 elected representatives were informed about the working and activities of the PTA in detail. PTA members were invited from time to time to witness the celebration of a few events such as Investiture ceremony, Independence Day, Sanskrit Diwas and Hindi Diwas.

Parent Orientation was conducted to inform the parents about the conduct of the activities, rules & regulations, discipline, events, examinations, etc. After the orientation, the concerns, suggestion and positive feedback by the parents were noted in the suggestion diary of each grade and quick dynamic measures were taken on the concerns recorded. This practice continued even in the PTI meetings conducted thereafter. Parents not only gave suggestions but also appreciated school and its staff for their efforts and initiatives. At several intervals PTI meetings were held wherein the teachers briefed the parents about their child’s progress, the forthcoming Evaluations and the Formative Assessments conducted.

  • Parent-Teacher Interactions are organized on the prescribed days.
  • Parents shall meet the teachers at the appointed time on appointed days only.
  • Meeting days are subject to change.
  • Any change in the given schedule will be informed to the parents in advance.
  • Parents are requested not to disturb the teachers during school hours.
  • They can meet teachers by prior appointment only.

PTA Executive Body 2018-2019

List of Executive Members

List of Committee Members

Students' Council Office Bearers

Secondary Section 2017-18

Primary Section 2017-18