A school is a place where you send your child to get education and expect his/her wholesome development. Before sending your child to any school, you might have some questions and concerns regarding the culture and environment prevailing there, because your child will be affected by the same. We present a fine blend of traditional and modern culture for each and every student and help them in having correct approach towards the challenges posed by their lives in future.

DMWA provides global education to each and every student by adopting modern practices. We don’t believe in giving bookish knowledge only to our students, rather we focus more on practical implementation of the lessons of text books. Our prime objective is to contribute in complete development of a child and make him/her a winner in every sense.

Datta Meghe World Academy is a child-friendly school where students learn to utilize their education in best possible manner for their betterment and welfare of society. The school culture emphasizes high morals and values with a firm belief in self –discipline. The school is deeply rooted in Indian culture and never shies away from embracing the best techniques and principals from West. We believe in a humanitarian approach and strive hard to follow the ideals of truth, equality and brotherhood in all our endeavors.