In my thirty five years of living Education I still fathom what is Education?

What does one feel to go through Education?

How does one feel when the word Education is thrown at one?

Education for some brings in joy, happiness and satisfaction of having sailed through its different stages without any damage to one’s self esteem. Are we truly educated?

Education for others is painful and must go through process to earn a degree. Are we truly educated?

Education for few others is all about a compulsory routine to be done from age 3 to 21. Are we truly educated?

Education to educators is about a profession or a job to be done and completed and to some it is a passion, a commitment and a vocation which they are zealous about. Are we educated?

Education for parents is a compulsory act or process for their children to attain basic requirement to earn a livelihood. Are we educated?

Education for the society is graphical figures to show the number of educated youth that come out of the portals of universities. Are we educated?

Every time I Ponder over the word and nuances of it superficially I get this question in my mind are we being educated? Are we educated?

People do talk about Education being knowing oneself?  Knowing what we are? What we know?

Then does that mean education is coming from our memories of years on about the perceptions and images one has about every other? Are we being educated? Are we educated?

Does that mean we carry on our comparisons, our prejudices and our divisions because of thoughts? Are we educated?

Casteism, racism, nationalism, patriotism, communalism, capitalism have all sprung up with the advent of education process. Are we educated?

Fighting for boundaries, borders, and yet we want global citizenship. Are we educated?

Boards in education. Each board vying with each other to lure learners, each board having their norms, their thoughts, their ideologies. Learners are left far behind. Are we educated?

Please dear readers it is a serious question are we today educated? Or are we crystallized artificial beings hypocrisy looming and growing all because we are educated?

Please let us learn and explore this first and get into true meaning of education. Understand what education is all about. Let us begin now…

Please let us all participate in this blog and pour our understandings. There is nothing right and nothing wrong.

It is together we deliberate on education and become change makers for a better tomorrow.

So friends,

Are we educated?

Thank you

Savita Venkat