Extra Curricular Activities

Educational Trip

We arrange educational trip for our students so that they can learn by having fun. Our expert faculty helps in formulating the best adventurous educational trips so that our students can get the best possible learning. We have arranged such trips in some of the most captivating destinations. Our trips are designed in such a manner that these include soft adventure combined with the learning activities for our students.

Educational trip helps students to understand the importance of teamwork, cultural knowhow and building self-confidence along with getting more inclined towards natural environments. The prime focus and objectives of our programs are:

  • Learning through practical approach within the nature
  • Fun activities and games
  • Undertaking safety, first-aid and security measures by self

We are passionate about immersing young students in an environment that can offer them the best and unique experiences. These trips are bound to have profound and life changing effects on our students. The best part is that these are completely based on “Practical hands on” projects that help our students to understand the ground reality. This also helps community at large to some extent by enjoying the various benefits associated. We arrange the trips to remote areas as well and the efforts made by our students surely help that community in a significant manner. Our students perform without any expectations in return and the community gets benefited out of the same.

Wild Life Excursions

Why not give first-hand experience to your kids when it comes to wild life. We are enthusiasts and always want our students to become better enthusiasts so that we can keep on redefining ourselves. India has the richest and most diversified forests, national parks, sanctuaries etc. which we continuously try to explore so that our students can get to know the best out of all. Our experts perform the same before we take our students to those places. This helps in understanding the pre-requisites considering our students and also ensures the safety and security.

Our team of experts joins the students in all the wild life excursions that we plan on continuous basis in our school. This helps in understanding the lay of land and also read the mood and climate to take all the necessary steps on this trip.

Our experts carefully select and put across the itinerary for our students so that they can know the entire plan in advance to enjoy at the fullest. In India, there is widest range of 1200 species of birds and 350 mammals in the entire range of 59 national parks and 372 sanctuaries.

Science Fests

Science festival is as important to us and our students as other festivals like Art and Music festivals. We arrange and participate in Science Fests so that our students can develop a practical approach towards their studies. Our participation in various science fests helps our students to understand depth of science and technology separately and in combined manner as well. These fests also make the learning quite a lively and enriching experience to our students with the help of artistic ways to upgrade the information and knowledge. The fest features a wide range of events. Usually any science fest starts with a lecture which is followed by demonstration, practical, seminar and other events. The topics can widely range from cutting-edge research to unusual perspective on science.

There are various ways to conduct these events in the industry. Most of the science fests include hands-on experienced activities similar to those found in the science centers across various other institutions. One of the most significant benefits of conducting science fests can be good interactions between science and culture which ultimately benefits the children in terms of knowledge.

Our school has focused approach towards the participation of science students in any such fests. The learning is continuous for our students during such events. These fests play very important role in secondary science education. We ensure that our students participate throughout the year in those events, workshops and science shows which are curriculum linked.


Club formation and retention of the same is an integral part of Datta Meghe world Academy. Our school formed various such clubs in the past so that our students can get benefited out of the same in numerous ways. These clubs are very epicenters of various kinds of activities and are the real pride of our school.

Our school has managed to hire the best ones from the industry to manage our student clubs. The guidance of able and enthusiastic teachers and leaders has helped us grow rapidly. We are committed and achieved the best platform for our students so that they can prove their mettle in various fields other than academics as well.

As a school, we believe that the complete development of a child is only possible if he/she gets proper curriculum education along with other extra-curricular activities like arts, sports, public speaking, mentor program, lifestyle and nutrition, photography, dance, music, etc.

Few of our programs and clubs are as follows:

  • Mentor Club
  • Cricket Club
  • Cyber Club
  • Social Club
  • Dance Club
  • Football club
  • Environment Club
  • Fashion Club
Interschool Competitions

Competition is good among the students only when it is with an intention of making them better in each and every regard by creating healthy competition. Our school has continuously worked on designing various such competitive events to create interest in our students to participate and win. This has helped many students to have bold image and overcome their shyness. The participation in interschool competition has helped parents to continuously see their students developing completely with extra-curricular activities as well as regular curricular activities.

Our school recognizes few top participants to felicitate them with an award and recognition. We have also witnessed many cases where students became all-rounder by confirming their efforts equally in all the sides of competition. We conduct various quiz contests like Math Quiz, debates, poster competition, science quiz, business quiz and various such small events which collectively make the event very big and successful.


Achievers list of Poetry Recitation Competition for Grade II

Veer Chauhan- First Position -Grade II B - Coral House

Om Pathak- Second Position -Grade II E - Aqua House

Navamee Gavalii- Third Position -Grade II C - Coral House

Alankrita Ojha- Third Position -Grade II D - Jade House

Shardul Autade - Fourth Position -Grade II C - Amber House

Spruha Gawade - Fourth Position -Grade II B - Aqua House

Class Photograph for Grade I to X is scheduled on 20/1/18

Achievers list of Poetry Recitation Competition for Grade I

Praneel Trivedi - First Position -Grade I C - Coral House

Yatharth Uttekar - Second Position -Grade I A - Amber House

Aarya Suryavanshi- Third Position -Grade I A - Jade House

Ishana Shetty - Fourth Position -Grade I A - Amber House

Inter house G.K Quiz for Grade VI & VII will be conducted on 22/1/18

Inter house Group Singing Competition for Grade VI to IX will be conducted on 24/1/18. Screening round for the same will be conducted on 19/1/18

Parenting workshop for secondary section and Vedic math orientation program for primary section is postponed. New dates will be informed later

Grade IX Periodic Test Timetable & Syllabus 2017-18

Grade X will have holiday on 11/1/18 as a study leave for Periodic Test 3.

Solo Dance Competition for grade I and II- Achievers List

Grade I- 1st Position Ms Vidhi Thappa from Aqua House

2nd Position Ms Vaishnavi Ganapati from Coral House

Ms Sachi Talesra from Aqua House

3rd Position Ms Swara Kubel from Aqua House

Grade II- 1st Position Ms Shravani Pawar from Amber House

Ms Aarya Kamble from Aqua House

2nd Position Mast Veer Rupnawar from Aqua House

Ms Sanskruti Kushari from Coral House

3rd Position Ms Nitya Kumbla from Aqua House

Ms Saisha Kamble from Coral House

Ms Alankrita Ojha from Jade House

Circular No. 13

Grade X Periodic Test 3 from 12/11/18. Timing 8:15 am to 12:30 pm

Grade X Revision Test 1 Timetable & Syllabus 2017-18

Grade VI Periodic Test 2 Timetable 2017-18

Grade VII Periodic Test 2 Timetable & Syllabus 2017-18

Grade VIII Periodic Test 2 Timetable & Syllabus 2017-18

Winners of Elecution competition Grade III held on 28.12.17

Ist Position Krutika Agnihotri- Grade III A- Jade House

IInd Position Shriya Matura- Grade III E- Amber House

IIIrd Position shared by two students-

Arya Kadam -Grade III A- Aqua House

Sharayu Phadnis -Grade III B- Jade House

Winners of solo singing competition Grade II held on 26.12.17

Ist Position Pranjal Pujari- Grade II C- Aqua House

IInd Position Kartik Sharma- Grade II E- Jade House

IIIrd Position Rugvedi Nakti- Grade II E- Coral House

IVth Position Sai Phadtare-Grade II E- Amber House

Winners of solo singing competition Grade I held on 26.12.17

Ist Position Swara Kubal - Grade I B - Aqua House

IInd Position Manthan Mahatre - Grade I A - Amber House

IIIrd Position Aaradhya - Grade I E - Coral House

IVth Position Parvati -Grade I D - Jade House

International English Olympiad by SOF results are declared and the following students are qualified for level II

Sharayu. N. Phadnis Grade III B

Arman Satapathy Grade IV B

Aron Aji Grade V C

Drushti Bhadsavle Grade VII C

PTA Members 2017-18

Grade X Results 2016-17 by DMWA AIROLI | Jun 5, 2017 | Achievement |

Congratulation 100% Result School Toppers

Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 1st Rank with 96.6% Miss. Isha Gupta Secured 2nd Rank with 96.4% Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay Secured 3rd Rank with 96.2%

Subject Topper English Miss.Isha Gupta Secured 97 Marks

Subject Toppers Hindi Mast.Yash Jawale Secured 97 Marks Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay Secured 97 Marks

Subject Toppers Sanskrit Miss.Isha Gupta Secured 99 Marks Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 99 Marks

Subject Topper Science Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 97 Marks

Subject Topper Social Science Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 100 Marks

Subject Topper Social Science Mast.Yash Jawale Secured 98 Marks

8 Students secured 10 CGPA & 26 Students Secured 9 and above CGPA

* Admission for Academic Year 2017-18 are open.