Academic Enhancement Program

Abacus and Vedic Maths

Our talented faculty members have very well proven themselves in the field of Abacus and Vedic Math in the past. These programs help our students to improve the math calculation speed. We start implementation of these learning methodologies to our students well in advance than other schools. It not only teaches the students to conduct the mathematical calculation at the fastest speed but also teaches them to be accurate in their calculations. Abacus has a frame with colorful beads mounted on the rods. This frame is used for counting & doing the mathematical operations by our students. Each bead has got a value. Moving the beads up and down does the calculations for our students. Our expert faculties are always there to train and support the learning to our students. Vedic Mathematics offers a new and entirely different approach to the study of mathematics based on pattern recognition. It allows for constant expression of a student’s creativity, and is found to be easier to learn. Mathematics, derived from the Vedas, provides mental and super- fast methods along with quick cross checking systems.

Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam

We encourage our talented students to participate in external competitive examinations. One of the most prestigious examinations is ‘Dr. Homi Bhabha Young Scientist Exam’ which is also important for our students to participate. It is held for both the groups i.e Jr. and Sr. level. Junior Level comprises of students till 6th standard and Sr. level has the participants from 7th to 9th standard. The enrollments are only via schools and not many of the schools enjoy the freedom and benefit of participating in these kinds of initiatives.

These exams are held at 3 stages like:

  • Written test (MCQ type)
  • Experimental Test
  • Viva (including a project report)

The best part of this exam is that there is not a set syllabus to the same. One should have knowledge of syllabus of a higher standard. He should have rational thinking and should have good general knowledge of his or her surroundings. This test includes 100 marks written and 30 marks for experimental test along with the project report submission.

English Language Development Programme (ELDP)

Our school is focused towards providing continuous learning to all our students. It can be the curricular or non-curricular aspect that we take effort to train our students. This surely helps our students to be out of the box and compete with those of the other schools. The English Language Development Programme (ELDP) is part of our Academic Enhancement program which helps our students to learn and have good command over the English language. This session is a continuous additional effort by our faculties to train our students in English language for Academic purpose.

Our program usually consists of five components:

  • Grammar
  • Essay
  • Listening / Note taking
  • Discussion and Presentation skills
  • Individual writing tutorial

The ELDP program helps or aims to improve on English Language of our students. This gives the students a chance of discussing the difficulties they face in learning the language. The language barrier is a very big hurdle in any student’s career and overall personality. We take every care of all the aspects to enhance their skills and make them independent. Our expert team members are always available to guide on the components which are useful to meet particular training need to learn and be the best.

Remedial Teaching

It is designed to bring students who are lagging behind up to the level of achievements realized by their peers. Remedial teaching involves:

  • Individual counseling (also in small groups)
  • Working systematically: observing, diagnosing, remedy, evaluation
  • Working purposefully and intensively with a pupil or pupils
  • Custom-made help following from a request for help
  • Acquiring skills in order to deal with learning problems/disorders
  • Providing information to the child and the persons involved

The main objectives of conducting Remedial Teaching are:

  • To help students in regular schools to cope with the prescribed school curriculum
  • To help students develop study skills
  • To train students in organizational skills
  • To provide training in test-taking skills
  • To give one-on-one intensive instruction in Language Skills and Mathematics
  • To improve the academic performance of students with learning difficulties
  • To widen the horizons of students who are gifted and talented, by conducting periodic workshops on creativity and analytical thinking
Group Learning

Our school has promoted the group learning concept rather than focusing much on individual basis learning. We understand the importance of learning in a group which is based on sharing of ideas, concepts and materials etc. Our expert team understands it very well that it is a concept of learning. This is a group activity which needs to be properly planned and it also requires frequent facilitator to ensure group progress.

Additionally the group function and learning which take place both are assessed and evaluated by the expert team. The ultimate method of learning is a proven method of achieving a common goal to learn and win. Every facilitator has to ensure that the individual and group learning is done to achieve the end result.

Group learning allows and helps our students to develop various skills like problem solving, interpersonal, intrapersonal, presentational and communicational skills. All these skills benefit the entire group as a whole. The generic skills are difficult to learn while being along but being in a group one can immediately get the feedback and increase the interaction among the peers

Peer Learning

It is another close concept to the group learning. Peer Learning is focused approach towards learning and getting educated on variety of issues. It is the peer who understands the other person very closely and discusses in detail about various aspects linked to an individual. Peer group is nothing but the people from same age group, background, culture, social status, etc who come together to help each other in learning and solving the issues.

The importance behind the peer learning is that the peers can be trusted completely. They are also recognized as the credible sources of information when it comes to believe in the data shared among the peers. They always share similar experience in the society with similar status on social norms and due to this they are always placed to provide the relevant, meaningful and honest information among the group members.

A well-considered peer education initiative can offer a wide range of benefits to pupils, peer educators, teachers and the school as a whole. The benefits for peer educators are widely recognized and can include positive changes in terms of knowledge, skills, attitudes and confidence. Peer education has a strong emphasis on personal development and can be particularly effective in allowing low achieving pupils to fully participate and succeed in a wider range of educational and health promoting activities.


PTA Members 2017-18

DMWA Celebrates its 6th Foundation Day on 6th June 2017.

Grade X Results 2016-17 by DMWA AIROLI | Jun 5, 2017 | Achievement |

Congratulation 100% Result School Toppers

Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 1st Rank with 96.6% Miss. Isha Gupta Secured 2nd Rank with 96.4% Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay Secured 3rd Rank with 96.2%

Subject Topper English Miss.Isha Gupta Secured 97 Marks

Subject Toppers Hindi Mast.Yash Jawale Secured 97 Marks Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay Secured 97 Marks

Subject Toppers Sanskrit Miss.Isha Gupta Secured 99 Marks Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 99 Marks

Subject Topper Science Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 97 Marks

Subject Topper Social Science Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 100 Marks

Subject Topper Social Science Mast.Yash Jawale Secured 98 Marks

8 Students secured 10 CGPA & 26 Students Secured 9 and above CGPA

* Admission for Academic Year 2017-18 are open.