Essentially, what food is for our body, education is to our mind. A mother serves her child the required food exactly in the manner the child prefers to have. So also, education is needed in the same form to our kids. At Datta Meghe World Academy, it’s not only our belief but a practice too to give the children that education which is most suited to them and best accepted by them. Every child is different. Every child is unique. Every child is special. Every child is gifted. Every child has got some or the other innate ability which distinguishes him/ her from that of the others. At our school, each and every child is accepted with smile and open arms. Every individual child is elegantly carved and crafted based on his/ her needs and abilities. In fact, we mend our ways and styles considering the requirements of the students and demand ofthe present generation keeping in mind the future of our children.

A wide range of teaching – learning activities having a balanced blend of the best of the contemporary ways to the most recent and innovative methods are incorporated in the Pre Primary section of Datta Meghe World Academy. A number of games and activities are conducted in order to arouse the various senses and enable the child to understand the concepts forever. In this manner, we are also able to identify their typical learning styles and thinking styles which establishes his/ her approach to education in future.

As rightly quoted by James Beatle ,”The aim of education should be teaching us how to think rather than what to think.“We at Datta Meghe World Academy prepare the tiny tots of tender age to develop and nurture their thinking skills. The children at this age have creative ideas, innovative thoughts and inquisitive mind full of inquiry. We help them explore their thoughts and ideas in a very cohesive and congenial environment.

Through this maiden edition of our very own school magazine, I wish to express my whole hearted gratitude towards the school management for giving us what is actually required to fulfill the vision of our institution of nurturing and building future of India. At the same time, I would like to thank the parents for their continuous support and encouragement in all our endeavours, allowing us to take their children to greater heights of success. It is, and will always be our earnest endeavour to see our children as our future of tomorrow and build a strong nation.
As the famous quote says, “Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere.”

Pre-Primary Hours


To develop the psycho-motor skills of the students, apart from academic activities various other activities were conducted in the classrooms like Sensory Organ, Cooking, Water play, Story recitation through puppets, Palm printing, Colour themes-Red, Yellow, Green & Blue., Collage of shapes, Photo frame making, Beading, Block Building & Dancing. Students were taken on field trip to D-mart so that they can feel the mall and learn more about the proceedings happening in a mall and share their experience with their friends, teachers and parents. They will be further taken to Mongiland (Monginese Factory Visit) on Saturday 24th September, 2016.

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DMWA Boys Sports Achievement

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Masterminds Students League 2016-17

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DSO Winners List 2016-17

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Interview of our Trustee Mrs. Reema Bhasin

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Grade X Results 2016-17

Congratulation 100% Result School Toppers Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 1st Rank with 96.6% Miss. Isha Gupta Secured 2nd Rank with 96.4% Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay...
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Guru Mahotsav (Interschool competition organized for teachers) by Lions Club, Airoli

Guru Mahotsav is an interschool competition for teachers organized every year by Lions Club, Airoli. Our teachers participated in various competitions. Mr. Kiran...
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VVSSC organized Interschool GK Quiz Competition

Vasai Virar Sahodaya School Complex (VVSSC) organized Interschool GK Quiz Competition in the month of August 2016 at Virar. JOHNXXIII School, Virar hosted the...
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Result of 1st batch of AISSE Grade X

The maiden batch of Grade X of Datta Meghe World Academy appeared for their CBSE AISSE Board Exam in March 2016. In all 39 students were registered for AISSE...
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P.T.M 1 of Pre-Primary Section will be held on 29th July, 2017.

DMWA Boys Sports Achievement

DMWA Celebrates its 6th Foundation Day on 6th June 2017.

Grade X Results 2016-17 by DMWA AIROLI | Jun 5, 2017 | Achievement |

Congratulation 100% Result School Toppers

Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 1st Rank with 96.6% Miss. Isha Gupta Secured 2nd Rank with 96.4% Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay Secured 3rd Rank with 96.2%

Subject Topper English Miss.Isha Gupta Secured 97 Marks

Subject Toppers Hindi Mast.Yash Jawale Secured 97 Marks Mast.Siddharth Upadhyay Secured 97 Marks

Subject Toppers Sanskrit Miss.Isha Gupta Secured 99 Marks Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 99 Marks

Subject Topper Science Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 97 Marks

Subject Topper Social Science Mast.Atharva Khade Secured 100 Marks

Subject Topper Social Science Mast.Yash Jawale Secured 98 Marks

8 Students secured 10 CGPA & 26 Students Secured 9 and above CGPA

* Admission for Academic Year 2017-18 are open.